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Evan Shellshear: Innovation Tools

Innovation has become the core of almost all successful businesses. We are used to hearing that innovative companies outperform the market, 80% of senior executives say innovation is extremely important, 90% of companies are counting on innovation to create new products, and much more. However, when it comes to innovating one question is often forgotten, what are the best tools to carry out this critical activity? 

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Tom Triumph: Intentional Evolution: And How We Can Impact The Five Pillars of Every Organization

There is real opportunity for innovators to impact every aspect of an organization. Yet all too often innovation is considered something only applicable to products and services. In this informative and engaging webinar, Tom Triumph covers what he describes as the five fundamental pillars of every organization and, using real-world stories (and some puzzles involving the audience) discusses how we as innovators can impact the entire organization. 

• Understand how Intentional Evolution leads to success
• Learn what NASA taught us about our creative genius
• Identify areas in your company where you can compound improvement
• Change your perception of the difficulties you encounter in your work and life
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Chris DeArmittChris DiArmitt: Innovation Abyss: Innovators Solutions to Corporate Innovation Failure

As a serial innovator, Dr. DeArmitt ruthlessly exposes the real problems and gives proven solutions. You can halve your R&D spending and still get far better results. Here's some of what you will learn.

» Proven technique to go from 90% failure to 90% success at converting ideas into profits
» The real reasons why large companies falter and fail plus how to avoid them
» The value of open innovation finally quantified in dollar terms, with shocking results
» Why Apple was the exception and why that must come to an end
» The unsettling truth about risk and reward (don't fire me, I'm innovating)

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Gordon Vala-Webb: How to Lead Your Zombie Organization Back to Life - Building Smarter Organizations

Having an innovation program isn't enough. The world is so volatile and complex that you need your entire organization working together to find and implement innovative solutions. You need the fast flow of information, ideas, and decisions. But many organizations are like zombies - just stumbling along and all going in the same direction. Purchase this course to learn 7 practical things you can do to accelerate the flow you need so your organization doesn't remain 1 of the undead.

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Magnus Penker: How to Identify Blockers and Amplifiers for Innovation

Did you know that radical innovators have 51% stronger capabilities in decision making then incremental improvers?

Statistically, Incremental companies are worse off in making decisions about new projects, making them more vulnerable than radical innovators. 

Did you know that silos, lack of clear vision, and capabilities of unlearning and relearning block most companies from improvements and major adoptions or launch of new inventions? 

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Kristof Ferris: A Human-Centered Framework to Boost the Adoption of Innovative New Products

Most new products launched to market fail. This applies to from the start-up and up to the more established and well resourced multi-national companies, therefore it is a systemic problem. The reasons for failure tend to fall into 4 categories:

  1. The product was poorly conceived;
  2. Failures in the resourcing and execution of R&D and Design;
  3. Failures in preparation, timing, resourcing, and execution of brand building, marketing, and sales activities;
  4. The product and/or company reputation was damaged.

Even if a new product was well-conceived and correct for creating a new market to meet an unfulfilled need, or to gain a competitive advantage in established markets, it can still end up being a commercial failure. This webinar introduces an enhanced framework to better understand the diversity and complexity in customer types, interactions, and influences that impact the purchase of new products. The aim is to improve the devising, resourcing, timing, and execution of strategies and tactics to improve the adoption of innovative new products and reduce new product failure rates.

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Robert Bernhofen: Creativity in Thought, Global in Reach, Innovation in Action - Open Innovation

This presentation takes a fresh look at Open Innovation through the lens of an organization’s intellectual property (IP). It introduces the concept of IP and the need for patent protection. It recognizes how highly-creative ideas from a diverse range of participants can enrich the ability to generate innovative outcomes. Discussion centers on the tradeoff between IP sharing and protection, and what can be done to innovate valuable outcomes while not losing control of one’s IP.

Specifically, it examines: 

  1. where great ideas come from that can lead to innovative breakthroughs;
  2. how diversity in social networks and engagement is essential to creating value; 
  3. what the risks to open innovation are, namely the theft of IP; and
  4. what can be done to mitigate these risks while fostering highly-collaborative outcomes?

Various management practices, collaboration methods, teaming options, and contractual actions are presented to highlight how OI and IP protection can be simultaneously achieved. Time permitting, case summary examples are given to showcase how some companies succeed at this while, at the same time, capitalize on patent protection.

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Sunnie Giles: The New Science of Radical Innovation

In The New Science of Radical Innovation, professional executive coach and organizational scientist Dr. Sunnie Giles presents scientific evidences, methods, strategies, and step-by-step tools to dramatically and permanently change how leaders manage themselves, create a connection with others, and achieve breakthrough innovation on both individual and organizational levels to come out on top.

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Dennis Stauffer: Shifting the Odds – Improving the Probabilities of Innovation Success

Innovation is fundamentally about creating new value, and doing that requires more than great innovation processes; it requires shifting the way your people think. Dennis’ message will help you understand how to do that, and inspire you to act on those insights.

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Michael Vargas: Creating a Collaborative and Productive Remote Culture

Now that many of us are going remote the question is how do we do this well?  How can we create a collaborative and productive remote culture?

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • What establishes a culture of open and honest communication and how we can create it in our remote teams.
  • Understand how to navigate and engage in difficult conversations when communicating remotely.
  • Learn how to continually develop your remote team culture.
  • Identify tools that can be used for real-time collaboration.  Small teams with minimal collaboration needs and bigger teams with a lot of collaboration needs. 
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Developing and sustaining competitiveness in the 21st Century is becoming increasingly difficult as organizations face growing uncertainties and exponentially accelerating technologies.  Leaders are now recognizing that their ability to accelerate learning, catalyze creativity, and drive innovation are the keys to their future success.  This webinar will provide an assessment of this ever-evolving strategic environment, and discuss the challenges, needs, and opportunities for creating and sustaining effective agile and adaptive innovation ecosystems that can rise to the challenge.  Dr. Moore highlights key technologies and discusses their potential impact and implications, and discusses the strategies and leadership practices necessary to lead the competition.  He discusses the key concepts behind complex adaptive and anticipatory systems and how they are applied to help solve increasingly complex problems and drive innovative products and services.  Lastly, Dr. Moore provides important insights for leading cultural change and transformation at scale.

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ISO 279 / ISO 56000 - Innovation Management Systems Webinar

This is a free webinar for members and interested public participants. For members and guests that want to know more about the work being done by the IAOIP as the United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

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