TC279 US TAG Delegate Application - Saved automatically as you complete the form below (at the bottom)


During the Delegate Application and Interview session, prospective candidates will complete the following activities during their specific application period:

1.    Background History – Applicants will complete a brief background history outlining employment history, responsibilities, and certifications.  

2.    Reasoning and Problem-Solving Activity – Applicants will participate in a telephone discussion on reasoning and problem-solving, as part of #3 below. This activity will consist of a question or two to be answered, and the reasoning behind it.

3.    Telephone Interview – Applicants will participate in a personal interview conducted by a panel of TAG Admins. All members of interview panels will go through a norming and scoring process prior to interviewing prospective applicants to ensure standardization of scoring of interviews. The interview will be an open, multi-question session.

4.   Innovation Management Comprehension –Applicants will complete a ‘briefing’ activity comprised of short answer questions, as part of #3 above. The Briefing will be comprised of 3 questions: (1) Describe your personal and work knowledge and experience that qualifies you to evaluate and provide feedback on International Standards development; (2) Describe your personal and work knowledge -- and experience -- that qualifies you to evaluate and provide feedback to an organization on its innovation business results; and (3) Please tell us why you want to become a TC279 US TAG Delegate.

5.    Innovation Brief Essay – Applicants will submit with their application a written one-page brief essay. Delegates will choose one of three different prompts (chosen from the examples below) and write a brief essay on that prompt. Example Prompts: (a) What invention would the world be better off without, and why? (b) If you had the power to change three things in your community or in the world, what would you change and why? Or (c) Using a piece of wire, a car window sticker, an egg carton and any inexpensive hardware store item, create something that would solve a problem. Tell us about your creation. <Don’t worry, we won't require proof that it works:>.

PLEASE complete ALL required fields. Ensure that information is current, accurate and complete. Include all pertinent information: full legal names, official titles, apartment or suite number, PO or mail stop number, zip code. Many fields will be populated by your IAOIP profile. For issues with the form, contact [email protected]